God Hates Yeast

And some brave Christians are standing up against its ungodly incorporation into our culture:
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Your Thoughts?

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  • http://atheists-and-christians.blogspot.com/ Mike aka MonolithTMA

    I like how several people passing by took them seriously. Their web site looks promising just from the main page. Two choices “Click here if you have free will” or “Click here if it’s your destiny”.

    Looks like Landover Baptist has some competition.

    The one thing I learned is that God clearly hates yeast more than homosexuals, Jesus never mentioned homosexuals, but he even he came out against yeast.

  • Laery LeFae

    I have this new theory that yeast infections can cause homosexuality. Think about this: Yeast, bread, wine, cheeze, homosexuals, alcoholics, schizophrenics, high IQ’s, the building of temples and religion all popped up about four thousand years ago. And it all started with the culture of yeast.

  • Laery LeFae

    Funny, after I posted the above reply, I just happen to run across some stuff on the net that says homosexuality is genetic. Google “Homosexual XYR chromosome” and you will find a lot of material on that subject. And it all started away back in 1993.
    I stand corrected.

  • http://reliefforyeastinfection.com Bibi Kirks

    I’d have to talk with you here. Which is not something It’s my job to do! I enjoy reading a post which will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing us to comment!