“Holiday Co-options”, Or “What Exactly Did We Celebrate Saturday?”

Richard Wade on the evolution of a holiday:

Last night, we celebrated Celtic Harvest, Livestock Slaughter and Passing of the Dead Festival Co-opted to Roman Pagan Harvest, Livestock Slaughter and Passing of he Dead Festival Co-opted to Roman Catholic All Saints Vigil/Feast Co-opted to Capitalist Subconscious Psycho-Sexual Sado-Masochistic Eros-Thanatos Paravestite Fetish Fantasy Catharsis and Candy Consumption Night, otherwise known to the less informed as Halloween.

Well, at least the fantasy catharsis part sort of relates to my aesthetics of Halloween, but that’s in a very remote and abstract way.  And I do have some candy on Halloween but usually not very much.  The rest?  Not really the parties I get invited to.  But it’s still my second favorite holiday after New Year’s Eve nonetheless.

Your Thoughts?

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