Congressman John Shadegg puts words into a baby’s mouth and cites the baby as an expert on the house floor:

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UPDATE: Sendai Anonymous (occasional Camels With Hammers contributor and full time resident queen of adding awesome links for further reading in the comments section) reminds us of this post which solves the mystery of what must have possessed Shadegg to do something this asinine.

Your Thoughts?

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  • sendaianonymous

    A connection, perhaps?

    I hate myself for remembering about the existence of that post =_=

    • Daniel Fincke

      Brilliant connection! And don’t hate yourself, you should remember in detail every single thing I post—which, in this case, includes a link to that post! :)

    • sendaianonymous

      If only I could remember train times like I remember your posts!
      Offline, life would be much easier =_=

  • Shanghai_Or_Bust

    Maddie seems very interested in having her own time at the microphone. Perhaps an altogether too accurate portrait of most politicians.

  • AniX

    Clearly Maddie does not agree with Congressman Shadegg. Notice how she tries as hard as she can to try to push the microphone away and save everyone from having to hear the man rant on.

  • Laura

    wow. They are getting desperate, aren’t they?

  • George

    Does the cute prop make everyone forget that
    A)Maddie’s mom STILL has health care after the bill passes?
    B)Maddie’s mom must have one hell of a job for her taxes to go up by 730 Billion dollars if health care passes
    C)Her moms taxes and premiums won’t both go up, either her taxes pay for the premium or the premium is the price she pays for health care.
    D)Maddie is a little young to be paying taxes herself
    E) for every Maddie out there with an insured mom there are other children who don’t get to “buy their health care themselves” because they can’t afford it.