Intelligent Design In A Nusthell

PZ Myers starts off his lecture from the Atheist Alliance International meeting last month with an encapsulation of Intelligent Design thinking. The key word is complex:

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Your Thoughts?

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  • Palmer Avery

    What an excellent lecture. I am not an atheist any more than I am an “awormholist.” However, I couldn’t agree more with not just his points re: ID, but also his emphasis on the changes we need to effect in our schools. Namely, pushing for classes in critical thinking, instead of being so subject-oriented. One effect of our current public educational system that I have observed is this. When you force children to “learn,” negatively reinforce them with grades, and never step “above” the specific subject to show how things like critical thinking extend across the board (from Art to Science to Sports), you end up with many students embittered about education. People learn new things every day, as a side effect of sentience. But a common thing to say – even a popular thing to say – is “I hate learning.” “My brain hurts.” That sort of thing. But their brain doesn’t hurt when they learn what new antics Lindsay Lohan is up to. If we can somehow approach public education for an eye to inspire learners – not pupils – we will see countless problems fade away.

    • Daniel Fincke

      Hey Palmer! Glad you enjoyed it and yes I agree. I was quite specifically pleased that he recommended teaching kids philosophy itself. The riddle of how to make kids care though is a hard one to solve and I’m not sure I know how. It’s easy for me as a college instructor with such a high proportion of my students being motivated people. Instilling an interest in learning in people who don’t have it already does not have an easy formula to it. Part of it is I think making it less pressure and more fun. And a lot of that involves figuring out how to associate learning with its side effect pleasures (discovery, fruitful investigation that yields results that feel earned, the feeling of being “in the know”, the delight in “getting” a counter-intuitive truth, etc.) so that fun can be the gateway drug to full out addiction to knowledge that will keep you going back for more even when it’s ruined your life.

  • Stuart Campbell

    I cannot get the Dembski video to load. I’ve tried in Firefox, IE & Chrome, all to no avail. It would be helpful when posting videos to provide a direct link for just such cases as this. I just found your site, and will do some more reading and perhaps commenting later.

    • Daniel Fincke

      Ask and you shall receive…

      Thanks for letting me know you were having trouble with the video. This is the first I’ve heard of anyone having any trouble playing a youtube video on the site. Thanks for planning to read more of the site, I look forward to your thoughts.