Man Fired For Telling Coworker Her Homosexuality Was “Bad Stuff”

This poor man had to suffer hearing a woman make references to her fiance a whole four times.  It’s damaged his psyche to the point where he can’t stop himself from saying the word homosexual six times in the space of two sentences.  He just can’t stop repeating the horrible word:

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“This woman repeatedly and without any kind of provocation on my part kept making references to this, to this out of work homosexual behavior she takes part in by bringing up this so-called ‘homosexual fiance’ that she has and I don’t believe that controversial issues like that  have any place, especially in the Boston workplace where it’s such a hot button issue, um, yeah.”


“I didn’t, oh I Peter, uh Peter, I didn’t raise the issue.  As I mentioned to you I continued, this homosexual, or this person, this coworker of mine who is struggling with this homosexual behavior continuously brought up references, uh, to her homosexual  lifestyle by bringing up, uh, you know, her homosexual fiance.  Um, now I—you’re  reporting Fair and Balanced because this is Fox News, so, you know, I didn’t, you know, please understand I didn’t bring this issue up, as I kept telling you, she continuously brought up these references to her homosexual, to her homosexual lifestyle out of work, and by the fourth time I felt convicted that I just had to say something.  Uh, you know, I wanted to tell her, uh, you know, “please don’t bring this up in the workplace, this doesn’t have any place here.”   I didn’t get that far because she started laughing at me and she kind of strolled off…

Can you imagine that?  Someone referring to her fiance in the workplace.  How traumatizing.  The only thing worse I could think of would be if someone couldn’t, you know, uh, mention her fiance in the workplace because of bigots who had a baseless fear and pseudo-moral objection to it and demeaned her relationship as “behavior she’s struggling with” and “too controversial for the workplace.”  Now that would really be unnecessarily stifling and make her feel like a second class citizen.  But, behind that, having to endure hearing someone mention her fiance must be really upsetting.

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  • Mike aka MonolithTMA

    Disgusting. Bigotry will never die.

  • Laura

    hum, I wonder if Fox News would report how traumatized I am for having to listen to people talk about how much Jesus loves them every day.

  • 1minionsopinion

    This guy featured in World Nut Daily not long ago. A commenter on my blog post about their article wrote condemn Brookstone and the future honeymooner too.

    “If anything, BOTH should have been disciplined. Brookstone should have disciplined her also! Or are they afraid of a lawsuit and negative blacklash from the gays and celebrites??”

    I wrote back agreeing with his/her point that HR could have asked the manager to keep the joy level down a little on the sales floor but the guy didn’t go to HR first about what she was doing. He made a value judgement about her lifestyle instead. Since he seemed unwilling to apologize then, they were right to give him the boot. Brookstone is maybe worried about lawsuits, but also worried about image. Homophobia should not be tolerated.

  • Soulless

    Apparently he never heard that old saying, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

  • sendaianonymous


    This guy is so stupid it’s hilarious.