She Won’t Be Home For Christmas

(sadly the version of this song I posted is no longer available on YouTube)

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  • Tyler

    This is great. The Backwoods song off this cd about “Christmas means nothing to me” was so angst filled and over the top– it was almost as if the producers were creating a game of “which one of these things doesn’t belong?”.

    • Daniel Fincke

      That’s right! I had forgotten about that song! That was the religious way of being hardcore and angsty (as was the style of the times)—go berserk over the commercialization of Christmas and the downplaying of Jesus.

      The worst of Christians playing it super-dark and dredging up the worst religious emotions for the sake of something “edgy” was Argyle Park’s album with the stuff at the end hoping for the suffering of the damned. That stuff was pure, unadulterated Christian hell-lust. I wish I still had my copy to revisit now.