283. Guns ‘N Roses

It’s a shame they only have three songs that interest me at all.  But those three songs get my blood flowing like few others by anyone ever have or ever will.  These are the kinds of special songs I save for special occasions:

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Your Thoughts?

A Love Song About the Common Cold
“The History of Philosophy” and “Philosophy and Suicide”
Alix Jules On Being An African American Humanist
Before I Deconverted: I Saw My First “Secular Humanist” On TV
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  • Aaron Greenberg

    I have seven of their songs on my iPod. Those three, plus Civil War, You Could Be Mine, November Rain, and Live and Let Die. They also have a fun version of Since I Don’t Have You, which I have on CD, and also have a version of by Brian Setzer. I prefer theirs.

  • Nezz

    Love love love all of these songs! I love your taste in music! I would pay to copy all of your tracks onto my ipod!
    Of the ones you listed, Sweet Child O’ Mine is my personal pick. I love the beat and variety, it’s not repetitive through the whole song