Regular Philosophy, Ethics, and Atheism Blogging To Resume In April

Last week I submitted my dissertation to my adviser and my readers.  This weekend I am tying up some remaining loose ends and preparing a 25 page summary version of the dissertation to submit to my examiner, a member of my committee who reads only this abbreviated version of the dissertation rather than the entire thing.

After this weekend, though I will still be teaching five classes, I will have more available time for blogging and beginning Thursday, April 1, I will at long last commit to regular time developing ideas and responses to the news and the internet here at Camels With Hammers.  I have missed blogging a great deal.  It has taken a good bit of self-restraint to commit to my plan of restricting myself any philosophical blogging until the dissertation is completely prepared for defense.  There have been numerous stories I wanted to comment on, numerous ideas I wanted to develop.  I have not been away from lack of inspiration or boredom with the medium at all.  I’m dying to get back here.  I hoped and initially announced I would be back by Valentine’s Day but now can assure you it’s no April Fool’s Day joke that I will be back April 1.

The break from blogging has also refreshed and reinvigorated my thinking in ways that have me excited.  And with the summer coming and a completed dissertation behind me,  I look forward to diving into more and more varied new research than I have been able to do for quite a while.  Towards the last stages of the dissertation, I had to largely restrict my research to what was necessary for completing the trajectory of thought I laid out years ago.  After the dissertation, I am freed to investigate more widely again as I both work on polishing and refining the ideas I already have for publication and begin to think beyond what I have already done.  And extensively reviewing and revising the dissertation the last few months has reminded me of a great deal I have to say about Nietzsche, about which I have barely scratched the surface here.  I am excited to change that and discuss him more frequently than I have in the past.

Good things are ahead.  Thanks to all of you who have kept checking in the last 4 months of reduced blogging.  I hope to reward your patience with me with a tireless and thought provoking blog once again soon.

Your Thoughts?

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