Mus’ab Hassan Yousuf, Son of Hamas Leader in the West Bank: The God of Islam Suffers from Split Personality; Muhammad – a False Prophet

A brave atheist friend born, raised, and still living in Morroco, who has himself received death threats from his local mosque, wants me to pass this on:

There are two ways to deal with the ugly teachings espoused by Mohammed: (1) Gloss over Mohammed’s violent, authoritarian, anti-progressive, and intolerant views and try to persuade Muslims to interpret their faith in the most humane, morally defensible, and modern way possible under the notion that if you convince them that their religion truly teaches an intolerant approach to morality and politics that they will jettison tolerant morality and politics for the sake of their religion.  (2) Believe that the moral decency and consciences of the vast majority of Muslims is greater than their allegiance to Islam, highlight the violent, authoritarian, anti-progressive, and intolerant views of Mohammed as an argument against belief in Mohammed’s moral, spiritual, intellectual, and political authority, and break the grip of a 7th Century warrior king over billions of people and numerous governments.

While I certainly understand that it seems a lot harder and a lot less pragmatic to attempt to persuade the adherents of a major world religion to forsake their religion as rooted in the viewpoints of a wicked (or at least, hopelessly outdated) thinker and ruler, I do nonetheless wish there was more confidence in the power of truth and the power of the consciences of ordinary Muslims to be able to reject superstition and the authoritarian beliefs and moral/political power structures of their religion by rejecting it altogether as the immoral falsehood it is.

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