Obama Prays With Billy Graham

As good as Obama is in his abstract thinking about the value of the separation of church and state, I loathe having to watch him pander to religious power brokers like Jeremiah Wright, Rick Warren, and, now, as president after president before him has, Billy Graham.  Here’s Christopher Hitchens on Billy Graham:

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  • http://myspace.com/dianazook Diana Armstrong Zoo

    I like this “guy” author , intellectual . Good stuff, I was raised Unitarian, thank-God ! And know in my heart all religions are just ways to pacify-control- the masses.I believe in being a moral, good person , and that has nothing to do with being a believer in anthropomorphic deities .Being a family person/Mom, I have had to hide my non-Chritian stance, before for fear of being ostrasized.

    • Daniel Fincke

      I can’t tell you how to live your life of course, but when so many people in your situation stay silent, you all perpetuate the situation by which you must stay silent. The more atheists come out, the more the atheists around them can recognize that there are others like them, others who won’t ostracize them. There are probably others you are afraid will ostracize you who are themselves in the closet and in fear of your ostracizing them. That’s why it’s important to raise consciousness and why I see it as a moral imperative to be outspoken for atheism and to support other atheists.