Poisoned For Going To School?

First it was malicious misogynists attacking Afghani school-going girls with acid in their faces, now it appears they’re being poisoned:

Local doctors suggested the Taliban may be the perpetrators of possible poison attacks.

At least 88 girls and teachers became ill in separate cases at three girls’ schools.

The cause of the illnesses was not known, but Talash said poison gas was suspected.

Your Thoughts?

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  • http://atheists-and-christians.blogspot.com/ Mike aka MonolithTMA

    Makes me feel like weeping. Reminds me of this West Wing clip which is based on a real event.

  • http://atheists-and-christians.blogspot.com/ Mike aka MonolithTMA

    Do you use a plug-in that allows that automatic embedding of videos? That’s pretty sweet!

    • Daniel Fincke

      I assume it comes with WordPress’s basic plan, isn’t it neat? It’s so cool seeing embedded videos down in the comments, I always get excited when they appear from users (and occasionally enjoy sneaking them down here myself). But when they come from the users, it really feels like they’re contributing to a whole other level.

  • http://atheists-and-christians.blogspot.com/ Mike aka MonolithTMA

    I guess I never posted a link to a video in my WP blog’s comments, I’ll have to test it.

  • http://atheists-and-christians.blogspot.com/ Mike aka MonolithTMA

    Ahh, it’s a wordpress.com thing. I’ll have to find a plug-in for wordpress.org.