The Machiavellian Politics Of Immigration Reform

This speculation as to the Democrats’ game plan for working on immigration reform while simultaneously having some of them campaign against it indicates a really intriguing (and partially disingenuous, demagogic, and race-baiting) strategy:

The Democrats reason that, the politics of immigration being what they are, getting an actual bill through Congress by November is not likely. (Graham understands this, too.) What is likely is a bill that will allow Democrats who need to oppose immigration reform in theory because of its alleged “amnesty” provisions to do so — while allowing the party, behind the scenes, to whip up the Hispanic vote and communicate to Latinos that the promise of pushing reform is being fulfilled. They also anticipate that President Obama will take unilateral action to fix current problems — maybe he’ll send troops to the border, maybe he’ll ask the Department of Homeland Security to ease up on enforcement in the name of the economy. The House hasn’t done anything on immigration yet, and won’t do so until the Senate finishes. So House Democrats won’t need to worry about a tough vote.

Are they really planning to be this devious?  I understand politics requires some impossible choices and some deft political maneuvering, but if this is the Democrats’ actual thinking, this involves a relative few, and probably only a relative few, of the Democrats campaigning on the immigration issue in a clearly deceptive manner come the fall. 

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