69.7% of Philosophy PhD Holders “Accept or Lean Towards” Atheism

Last November, PhilPapers did a rather thorough and comprehensive survey of both professional philosophers and aspirants to the profession which explored our views on a number of major philosophical issues. Here’s a breakdown of the survey’s participants:

The PhilPapers Survey was a survey of professional philosophers and others on their philosophical views, carried out in November 2009. The Survey was taken by 3226 respondents, including 1803 philosophy faculty members and/or PhDs and 829 philosophy graduate students.

Of the 1803 philosophy faculty and/or PhDs, 1257 (69.7%) reported that they accepted or leaned towards atheism, 295 (16.3%) reported that they accepted or leaned towards theism, and 251 (13.9%) listed their views as “Other”.  Here’s the full breakdown of their specific responses:

Accept: atheism1041 / 1803 (57.7%)
Lean toward: atheism216 / 1803 (11.9%)
Accept: theism210 / 1803 (11.6%)
Agnostic/undecided117 / 1803 (6.4%)
Lean toward: theism85 / 1803 (4.7%)
The question is too unclear to answer30 / 1803 (1.6%)
Accept another alternative28 / 1803 (1.5%)
Reject both26 / 1803 (1.4%)
Accept an intermediate view14 / 1803 (0.7%)
Skip14 / 1803 (0.7%)
There is no fact of the matter11 / 1803 (0.6%)
Other9 / 1803 (0.4%)
Insufficiently familiar with the issue1 / 1803 (0%)
Accept both1 / 1803 (0%)

Among 829 graduate students the totals were 527 (63.5%) accepting or leaning towards atheism, 173 (20.8%) accepting or leaning towards theism, and 129 (15.5%) identifying their views as “Other”.  Here is the full breakdown of graduate student opinion:

Accept: atheism414 / 829 (49.9%)
Accept: theism123 / 829 (14.8%)
Lean toward: atheism113 / 829 (13.6%)
Agnostic/undecided63 / 829 (7.5%)
Lean toward: theism50 / 829 (6%)
Reject both15 / 829 (1.8%)
Accept an intermediate view11 / 829 (1.3%)
Accept another alternative10 / 829 (1.2%)
There is no fact of the matter9 / 829 (1%)
The question is too unclear to answer8 / 829 (0.9%)
Accept both5 / 829 (0.6%)
Skip5 / 829 (0.6%)
Other3 / 829 (0.3%)

David Bourget and David Chalmers, the survey’s editors explain how the survey came about and addressing frequent criticisms of it here.

There are many more interesting findings of the survey to which I will hopefully have occasion to return.  In the meantime, I thought this particular finding would be of most immediate interest to my readership.

Your Thoughts?

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