A Creationist Science Teacher Explains His Approach

From a BBC1 documentary from the mid-90s:

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Thanks to Timothy for the find.

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  • George W.

    This video is both eye-opening and frightening. I count myself “blessed” that I grew up in a place where creationism had no place in a science classroom. I understand the teachers aim to be respectful of students religious beliefs, but a science teacher’s job involves presenting the facts of the science.
    Presenting evolution in this way will only lend authority to the student’s ignorance.
    If a math teacher allowed his students to solve for the square root of Pi=5 just because they deeply believe it to be so; plus, non-terminating decimals are just too improbable/incomprehensible, then in what capacity are you a “math teacher”?
    That heads don’t roll when people see this going on is a black mark on American education.