Christian Anti-Kissing Propaganda

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I find this really creepy, perverse, and emotionally poisonous, having at one point in my life been indoctrinated into such unhealthy and irrational, extremist ways of thinking.  As hilariously corny as the ham handed filmmaking is and as laughably naive as the film’s apparent morally hysterical fear of sex is, the consequences of such psycho-sexual repression and the ethos possessiveness, ignorance, asceticism, and anti-naturalness can be really disturbing.

The moralist’s prejudice is to risk damaging people in ways that at least make them less harmful to others rather than more—make them less aggressive, less risky, less unpredictable, less independent, less knowledgeable, less experience, less questioning, etc.  But such extreme moralism still damages people with careless disregard for their own psychic balance or full personal thriving.

And even though the moralist is often quite indifferent to the harmful effects of moral extremism upon the individual who takes it seriously, as long as the individual is controllable, nonetheless enfeebling people with respect to their own sexuality is very often going to have further harmful consequences to other people.  And when that happens and the moralists get wind of those consequences they are there to condemn the monster they helped create.  In this way, the moralist is both irresponsible in what he preaches and then refuses to take responsibility for any of its ironic effects.

The solution?  Every ethical idea must justify itself by the extent to which it ultimately conduces to human flourishing.

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