Is The Peace Sign A Satanic Symbol? Is Lady Gaga A Satanist?

“Serious” questions in this video:

Thanks to Pastor Ezekiel Flint of Landover Baptist Church

Your Thoughts?

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  • Oblio

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh man, what a funny video! The insane christianist believers probably lap this up like crazy because it gives them PURPOSE and MEANING to SPREAD THE WORD about how only JESUS can save us. How infantile the whole concept of religion is… how dependant it makes the followers, who are always looking over their shoulder to make sure they aren’t doing something that would prevent them from getting to heaven. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Too rich. Thanks for this post, your site is a daily stop for me.

  • willie nelson

    this is how i want my blog to be

  • dartigen

    …what. I…this…guhh…*brain explodes*

    If people like these didn’t exist, someone awful would invent them to torment us.

    Then again…don’t you notice how every time something threatens to get bigger than religion (rock music, the Internet, Lady Gaga’s fanbase, and so on) all of a sudden it’s ‘Satanic’ and ‘evil’?

  • Peace Sign

    The Peace Sign is not satanic.

  • Mimi_bb

    nothing is bigger than religion wether u like it or not, and religions will overtake the world against free masons
    u r too blind but i feel sympathy for u since their agenda seems to be working very well on u people
    go do ur homeworks before u leave idiot comments

  • jesse

    this video is down. i have been really curious about the peace sign recently.

    i do know lady gaga is satanic. of course. anyone that understand the symbols of lucifarians can see this.

    @dartigan: spend a little more time in the world and learn a bit about the symbols around you. I do not know about the peace sign, and i am not passing moral judgment (good v. evil), but lady gaga continuously pays tribute to lucifer in her music, dress, and the symbols that surround her.

    there is a lot of information on the internet about this. the problem is, to verify it, you actually have to read and study a bit (constantly) for yourself.

    don’t be so sure you have it figured out friend. seek more wisdom.

  • xoxo*

    Lmao omg this is rich.. I’m a christian, my whole family are christians. We don’t believe in this crap.. Where in the Bible did God say : “oh yeah never use the peace sign, it’s satan’s symbol” and lady gaga is NOT satanist.. She’s a catholic for those who don’t know. These symbols were made up by HUMANS.. They were given meanings by HUMANS. Not God or Satan. Remember EVERYTHING has more than one meaning or interpretation. This is just hilarious.. Really lol

  • Peace Bags

    This is a article I wrote about the history of the peace sign. Might explain a few things.