“Official” Muslim Response To “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day”

Do you like boring propaganda idolizing a self-aggrandizer who was keen on declaring the superiority of his own personal moral righteousness and presuming to speak for “God”?  Do you like being yelled at by preachers who substitute volume for intellectual substance to try to stir emotion in you (and then follow up with whispered prayers to soothe you after all that yelling)?  Do you like all this in simplistic fairy tale tones fit for children?  If so, you’ll love the “official Muslim response” to “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day”!  (Which, incidentally, does not address the concerns the day was initiated to address.

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I find the new incarnation of Muhammad much more interesting than the one talked about in this video.

Your Thoughts?

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  • Peace

    hey guys do some thing more. we are not impress! you guys really think about us alot. Thanks for your time.

    Allah Ho Akbar. Islam is about to rise in them as they are struggling hard to wards it.
    Hey guys why u r so afraid of death it will come to you any night o something good like and dont be afraid of dying. we trust our religion & Muhammad (PBUH) is the messenger of all our creator Allah. you guys seems like child. Anyway! we will pray
    Allah huma sale alla muhammad din wala alay he wala le he wasalim!
    Ae Allah forgive them as they donot know any thing give them light & wisdom to see the truth! They helping Islam ummah to up & rise.

    We love all humans and pray for them to be a place in heaven. Ae Muhammad(PBUH) the world is created for you and we are nothing here infront of this world so how can we do this to you. Please forgive us & our ignorance.
    Pls recite Salam on Muhammad(PBUH)

    Allah huma sale alla muhammad din wala aale he muhammadin kama sallaita alla ibrahima waalla ibrahima inka hamidum majeed. Allah huma barik alla muhammad din wa aala ale muhammdin kama braik ta alla ibrahima inka hamid um majeed.