Teachers Suspended For Sprinkling “Holy Water” On Atheist Colleague

Last weekend I discussed the incident in which a teacher accused two other teachers of bullying her over her atheism by threatening to sprinkle her with “holy water” (in the form of a bottle of perfume).  I agreed with the atheist teacher’s assessment that she was being bullied but did not think the passive aggressive teachers who did it should be fired for such mild, one time only bullying. Now the Broward School Board has come down with suspensions for the offending teachers and on grounds that I can get behind:

It’s alleged that you upbraided and embarrassed a teacher…in front of a classroom of students.

So, it seems to me that the suspendable infraction was treating a fellow teacher with contempt (without justifiable cause) in front of students.  They undoubtedly deserve punishment for that as a matter of school order alone.  Had the incident not happened in front of a room full of students, I would support the obnoxious bullies’ rights to mild teasing as I did on Sunday.  Here’s a video news report with details and interviews with relevant parties, including some smug preachers and a Tea Party activist looking to exploit the incident for their religious and political ends:

YouTube Preview Image

Your Thoughts?

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