The Best Of Shepard Smith: Taking On BP, Torture, Anti-Vaxers, Glenn Beck, Joe The Plumber, & More

FOX News’s one passionately sane and moral voice last week went after BP executive Tony Hayward for his flippant attitude towards the ecological disaster his company has recently wrought.  The man is an oasis amidst his network’s cynical demagoguery and sincere lunacy.

And, of course, there is his passionate denunciation of torture from over a year ago:

He took on anti-vaccination fear-mongers last year:

He mocked Glenn Beck satisfyingly:

June 10, 2009 he took on the crazy e-mails he gets at FOX News from viewers:

Last October he even argued for a public option for health care:

He took the Congress and the White House to task for posturing over AIG bonuses in March 2009:

He took on Michael Steele over the Republican talking points about health care reform’s passage (just after it happened):

He defended the Department of Homeland Security against the spurious charge it was bent on harassing the Tea Parties:

Just before the 2008 presidential election he took Joe The Plumber to task for his insanely irresponsible rhetoric on Obama’s views on Israel:

Here he covered Katrina in 2005:

He condemned Pat Robertson for his insipid superstitious remarks about the crisis in Haiti:

He picked on the insufferable FOX & Friends cast:

A week after the 2008 presidential election Shep attacks the canard that Obama was elected simply because the media loved him:

He took on Ralph Nader for calling Obama an “Uncle Tom”:

Here he took on politicians who refuse to answer questions:

And, finally, here he and Jane Skinner enjoy hilarious Freudian slips:

I have no idea why MSNBC has not yet signed him away and given him the 10pm slot.  He’d kill.

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