Video Of Fordham’s 165th Commencement, At Which I Received My PhD In Philosophy

At 1:05:46-52 you can see me get the diploma (or a piece of paper temporarily representing it—the actual diploma came at the hooding ceremony shortly thereafter).  Back at 1:05:13 they start handing out the scrolls representing diplomas to the PhD graduands in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.  The degree is conferred officially conferred by President McShane shortly prior.

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"Congrats, dear! I'm so glad you both found each other."

Our Wedding Video
"Wonderful. But as an atheist, non-religious, why marriage? There must be a column in that."

Our Wedding Video
"On October 29, 2016 I married my wife, Lex.Yup, she definetly looks better with hair. ..."

Our Wedding Video
"Ahhhhhh! This is beautiful! :)"

Our Wedding Video

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