Bill O’Reilly Compares Gays To Al-Qaeda

A little over an hour ago, I posted this McDonald’s commercial, running only in France thus far, which gently sends a pro-gay message.  Little did I know yet that Bill O’Reilly got seriously O’riled up about it tonight:

His physical hostility towards such a remarkably understated and delicate ad and his adamant insistence that the ad has no shot of running in the United States could not be any more decisive evidence of his fundamental homophobia.  If gays cannot be given even this much dignity of positive portrayal without being compared to Al-Qaeda members, you’d might as well give up any and all lip service about your “tolerance” of them.  When you do not even have the fig leaf pretension to another principle (opposing open gays in the armed forces out of some feigned concern for the effective running of the military or opposing gay marriage out of some trumped up hysterical concern for “the children”), but have simply a situation in which your opposition to gays is just their being a minority that you don’t like knowing about and who should on that account be shoved in a closet, then you’ve really taken down the final thinnest veil from your seething emotionally uncontrollable and rationally empty hatred.

You’re just a bigot.

But at least we don’t have to worry.  Because in ten years, not only will commercials like this run in America.  People won’t even blink at them.  And in 30 years, the Bill O’Reillies of the world will have to keep these thoughts off the air the way they presently need to keep their racist thoughts hidden.

Actually, maybe that explains his the extent of his agitation and why he feels the need to keep insisting that America simply cannot stomach full acceptance of gays.  He knows the truth and he’s trying to convince himself otherwise.


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