“Come As You Are”

McDonald’s takes a social stand, in France:

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Vos pensées?

  • http://www.magic-mural-factory.com wallstory

    Ah je suis fière!!

  • http://atheists-and-christians.blogspot.com/ Mike AKA MonolithTMA

    I finally watched this and am shocked that there is such outrage about it. I was expecting something much more bold.

    • Daniel Fincke

      Exactly why the outrage is so offensive. It’s hair-triggered, which indicates pure prejudice.

  • http://atheists-and-christians.blogspot.com/ Mike aka MonolithTMA

    Indeed! I expected to see a commercial with a gay couple kissing or something, instead we get a sweet looking kid longing to tell his dad why he isn’t a “ladies man”