Florida Passes Bill Allowing Teachers To Take Part In Student-Led Worship

Another legislature with contempt for the 1st Amendment:

“I know our football team prays a lot before and after games, and those are always student-led,” [high school junior John Bielby] said. “Once a coach gets involved, it might get more influential or less influential, and it kind of becomes a slippery slope.”

That’s why some school districts have regulations requiring coaches walk away when a prayer begins.

There’s a bill awaiting Gov. Charlie Crist’s signature that would allow coaches, teachers and principals to take part in student-led worship.

Before Rocky Hanna became principal at Leon High School, he coached football for nearly 10 years. He said he always avoided talking religion, fearful about crossing the line between God and government.

“It’s very emotional, especially for adults, because part of the Christian faith is, or a big part of it is to try to get others to believe, is that how many people can we save, how many more can we get to follow us to come to Christ,” Hanna said.

So, there you have it from the mouth of a Christian school principal: Christians are too emotional to respect principles that protect them from exploiting whatever force of influence or institution they can get their hands on to make converts.  The independent consciences and rights of non-Christians do not matter, government based on universal reason and universal fairness do not matter, separation of governmental influence from agents of arbitrary faith beliefs based on groundless claims to supernatural authority, does not matter.

Nothing matters except creating more Christians.  Truth be damned, reason be damned, fairness be damned, the rights of non-Christians be damned, the consciences of non-Christians be damned.  And Christians in America are increasingly too emotional to respect anything whatsoever but their faith beliefs and their evangelical mission.

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