Fraud And Schadenfreude: The You’re Not Helping Archives And Post-Mortems

Quiche Moraine has a humorous poem up telling the tragedy of the You’re Not Helping blog and then a nice piece on Sock Puppets and a link to the archive where you can now relive the entire saga, up to the last post in which the big confession was made, which is not there in the archive but instead can be found (with incisive commentary) at George’s blog.  (and as you read, remember Patricia, Brandon and Polly O! are all the same person as the one blogger, who is also posing as several people, including an older woman).  Milton C. also seems remarkably suspicious but was not confessed to.

Included in the blog’s saga were two posts debating me, which are now here and here.  They were written in response to my posts, The Gulf Disaster: Prayer And Priorities and What Exactly Are We Supposed To Be Doing? Will ungraciously did not bother to link to my original post in his second comment.  He instead instructed readers to find it on the trackback of his previous post, which is asking a lot from readers, seeing as they are on the whole averse to unnecessary link clicking, as any attentive blogger should see.  When I tried to remedy the lack of link to my post in a reply post which only selectively quoted my original remarks, I got this snide response from Will, who you will remember was just days later exposed as a fraud:


Reread the beginning of our post. You are linked in the trackback to our last post, which we urged readers to browse both of. Sorry if we didn’t give you the attention you think you deserved. Apparently every action we make has a nefarious subplot tied to it… (“curiously”)

So be sure to give Will the attention he deserves by utilizing the convenient mirror archive of all the posts from his now deleted You’re Not Helping blog to watch him talk to himself and commit shameless acts of hypocrisy day after day after day.  We owe the mirror archive to the blogger Oedipus Maximus whom Will lied about offensively.  Maximus set about investigating Will, exposed his fraudulence and in the process went from obscure blogger to the stuff of internet legend in a matter of days.  And managed to set up this handy archive to preserve all but Will’s confession for posterity and for evidence of the scam.

But back to Quiche Moraine which, in addition to a poem, has a nice post which collects together truly stupefying and astounding hypocrisy.  If there were an Olympics for hypocrisy, You’re Not Helping would be its Michael Phelps. Here is a taste of the record QM has assembled:

Those who engage in sock puppetry, however, are making a raid on reputation. They’re stealing it, either by exploiting the bandwagon fallacy to accrue unearned regard for their position or by disowning the negative effects that attacking someone else has on reputation, basically shoplifting a smackdown every now and again. YNH did both.

They wanted to have both this (mirrored since the original blog was locked):

No. You all seem to have discovered the convenience of just making things up to attack those you disagree with when you can’t do anything to attack what they’re actually saying. It would be pleasant to see some sanity from all of you and to see the wild finger ponting stop, especially since none of it to date has been true.

And this:

The continued attacks and accusations makes one wonder if it’s not all bitterness from OM about YNH getting him right.

Trolly trolly troll troll troll….

Both this:

OM was banned because he/she/it was posting as multiple sock puppets, using different names and emails but the same IP, to espouse opposing opinions in an attempt to sabotage threads. He was warned, he kept at it, and he was banned. It’s a dead issue.

And this:

As for sock puppetry: yes, I am responsible for several of the commenters (sock puppets) on this blog, namely “Patricia,” “Polly-O!,” and “Brandon”

Both this:

Remember: you do not have the right to not be offended. But if you are, you could always try sticking to reality-grounded, sensical criticism and dialogue, too.

And this:

Ophelia tries desperately hard to turn the use of the word “flustered” or “shrill” or the like into the equivalent of being a long-time victim of physical spousal abuse, overblowing it and taking it out of proportion and context as little more than a useless little cop-out from actually responding to others. It’s a fucking disgrace to women and a disgrace to those who are actually victims of sexism, not the preceived, feigned sexism victimization of a fragile little prat who lacks the guts and emotional intelligence to respond to criticism after she’s dished out a shit-load of it – often complete with the same marginally-sexist language – herself.

In other words, the blogger(s) called YNH were trying to accrue reputation for being on the side of honesty, openness and accountability, while the puppets claimed by YNH were accruing the benefits of dishonesty and baseless speculation in trashing the reputations of others. They were accounting with two sets of books. They’re cheaters.

Those quotes reveal that his misogynistic hatred for Ophelia Benson was even sicker than his main blog remarks let on and even worse (if that’s possible) than his claiming to be a woman so he, dubiously, could claim the right to make them.

Go read the whole post.

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