How And Why To Defect From The Catholic Church

If the Catholic Church baptized you and you have neither personally defected nor been formally excommunicated, they still count you in their numbers when they quantify the scope of their influence by citing how many Catholics there are.  If you do not want them considering you Catholic, here’s what you should do:

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Your Thoughts?

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  • Agatha J.

    When I was 17, I actually got interested in doing exactly this. I wanted to somehow formally defect from the Catholic Church. At the time, I was still attending religious classes that a priest taught- so I took the opportunity of asking him how one reverses baptism and leaves the Church.

    He bellowed at me that baptism is irreversible and leave a permanent spot on one’s soul.

    I tried another tactic and asked him “Well, what if someone, for example, is offended by the Catholic Church’s views on women and women not being allowed to be priests?”

    He launched into an enormous diatribe about how pro-women the Church is.

    I tried again and asked “What is someone is offended by the Church’s stance on gays?”

    And he launched into an endless defense of the Church’s policy on gays.

    I wanted to scream “That-wasn’t-what-I-was- asking!”

    You couldn’t get a straight answer outta him. Like speaking to a brick wall.

  • Agatha J.

    *Meant to write “and leaves a permanent spot…”

    What an idiot that guy was. I tried explaining to him that I wanted to know how you formally reverse your membership about five or six times and he just didn’t get it.

    The most he offered was that “Sometimes people write into us and ask us to take them off the baptismal rolls. Sometimes people come in to me and ask me to take their names off the lists- but you can NEVER erase baptism in the eyes of GOD! NEVER!”.

    Now, having watched this video, I finally, at long last, understand what that was all about.

    It’s amazing that they think baptism can never be erased. Isn’t it enough for them that they own you throughout life? No, they have to own you for all eternity, too. Even if you don a headscarf and become a super devout, every-Friday-to-mosque-going Muslim till your dying day, you are a Catholic in their eyes.

  • Michelle

    In the video it was mentioned that a date and place of baptism should go into the letter of defection. Problem: I have no idea when or where I was baptized, and the only person who might have that information is in a nursing home suffering from Alzheimer’s. So…what are my next steps given this set of circumstances?

  • Kristy

    You only really need to add the name of the Diocese that you were baptist in, not the parish or the priest. If you aren’t sure where that was, try to figure out where you lived at the time that you think you may have been baptized. Also add your mom, dads, and godparents info…. go to wed stie all the forms are there… or you can draft your own based on their tempt plate.