How Science Inspired Democracy In The Modern World

Summary of the video and the contents of the whole lecture:

Timothy Ferris, Former Editor of Rolling Stone and Professor Emeritus at U.C. Berkeley, makes the case that science inspired the spread of democracy.

Just as the scientific revolution rescued billions from poverty, fear, hunger and disease, Ferris argues that the Enlightenment values it inspired have swelled the number of persons living in free democratic societies from fewer than 1 percent of the world population in 1600 to over a third today.

01. Introduction
02. A Definition of Science
03. Liberalism
04. Symbiosis Between Science and Liberalism
05. How Science Incited the Enlightenment
06. Health, Wealth, and Happiness
07. Accomplishments of the Spread of Liberal Democracy
08. Population Growth and Urbanization
09. Ecological Stress of Global Warming
10. Persistence of Dogma
11. Q1: Science of the Nazis and Soviets
12. Q2: Science in China
13. Q3: Economics
14. Q4: Friendship Between Locke and Newton
15. Q5: Influence of Money on Liberal Democracy
16. Q6: Precision in Sound Byte Culture
17. Q7: Few Scientists in Elected Office
18. Q8: Credibility in the Information Age

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