Pat Tillman’s Family Was Insulted By Army Colonel For Being Atheists

Keeping with the theme of the treatment of atheist service people, Matt posted this infuriating, 3 year old report, on the contemptuous treatment of Pat Tillman’s memory and family on account of his atheism by an army investigator:

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  • Becky

    Conduct becoming an officer and a gentleman is an offense subject to court martial as defined in punitive code Article 133, of the United States Uniform Code of Military Justice. Let the proceedings begin.

  • Adam Roberts

    This is from several years ago – any idea what happened to the colonel? His behavior makes me sick.

  • Reverend Evolution

    This report deeply saddens me. This man gives his life for his country and this is the respect shown to his family? Let me ask you, what more could he have given? Tillman is an example of the many brave men and women in the armed forces who put themselves in danger every day, not because god commands them to be good, but because they personally feel that it’s the right and honourable thing to do. Is this not the very spirit of bravery?

  • john

    I wanted to leave a comment about Pat Tillmans death in afganistan, while it is tragic, the greater tragedy is that if he was an athiest, He died not knowing ( or not believing )that Jesus died on the cross for his sins. To say there is no God is to deny the existance of yourself & that there is nothing beyond this life. Everything & everyone was created for a higher purpose, Pat was looking for this in all the wrong places. I am sorry for Pats death, and for everyone who rejects Gods ultimate sacrifice(through his son Jesus) so that man could be reunited to God…….This is not just my opinion, this is truth, if anyone is truely searching for the absolute truth, they will find it in God ,the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit..I do hope you find it, hold fast to it and never let it go!

    • Matt

      You should be ashamed. How arrogant of you to claim you know what happens in the afterlife based off what your parents and society around you believe. Notice I did not say think I said Belief, trust me there is a huge difference. I hate ingnorant statements like this and I look foward to knowing that when you die, you will just be warm dirt.

  • tina

    “this is th truth” what a laugh you and your sheep mentality. follow the herd of a cliff.

  • tina

    the colonel is a sick bastard. it was a beautiful ATHEIST mind (his mother) remember that QUESTIONED the whole situation surrounding his death. skepticism and questioning are good… not blindly following.

    personally i think they were afraid of his criticisms of the army that would follow.

  • kevin

    I understand that if you’re a highly religous person it must seem like atheists would have a very hard time dealing with death. However, the Tillman family had great reasoning behind their questioning because they had an enormous amount of evidence to support their conclusions. To make it about religion when the family (and America) is clearly being cheated out of honest answers is rediculous.

  • kevin

    His view really answers why people pick religion in the first place. They can’t accept that when they die it’s all over so they come up with a story to explain all of it.