Radio Host Fired After Pressuring Arizona To Change A Mural Explains Himself


This image is part of a mural, based on photographs of students from the Arizona school on whose outer wall it is painted.  Radio host  Steve Blair fomented baseless anti-minority outrage among his listeners, leading the school to decide to “lighten up” the image of the boy in the foreground so he looked “happier”.  Blair himself was fired for his despicable knee jerk intolerance and inability to handle a simple pictorial recognition of many Arizona students’ skin colors.  Then he was interviewed on the radio where he revealed that the real problem was just that he cares too much about the community and found the mural confusing and ill-explained and, possibly, somehow connected to the fact we have a black president.   Apparently, pictures of children on the outside of elementary schools are puzzling works of art with indecipherable meanings.  And apparently every decision the city makes to paint a mural must be explained to every citizen in advance and each citizen must be able to affirm that he understands the mural if it’s going to be up on public property.  And brown people are extremely confusing.  And America seems to have no more room for completely unracist but just politically incorrect truth tellers who are confused by the deep meanings of elementary school murals of brown school children.

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