Russian Orthodox Church Wants Creationism In Schools


The Russian Orthodox Church called recently for creationism to be taught along with evolution in Russian schools, according to Reuters.

Senior Russian Orthodox Archbishop Hilarion said, “The time has come for the monopoly of Darwinism and the deceptive idea that science in general contradicts religion. These ideas should be left in the past,” Reuters reported.

Hilarion, who is in charge of the external relations department of the Orthodox Church, made the statement to Russian Foreign Ministry officials in Moscow during a lecture where he pushed for a dialogue to unite moderate secularists and Catholics against what he called the “fanatical secularism” of liberals, Reuters said.

Under the formerly atheist Soviet state, which ended in 1991, Darwin was used to prove the “falsehoods” of religion and is taught in all Russian schools, Reuters said.

Veteran dissident Lyudmila Alexeyeva promised that Russian liberals would do all it could to ensure that creationism continues to be excluded from school curriculums, Reuters said.

Alexeyeva said, “We overcame Communism as the state ideology and certain forces want to replace it with Orthodox Christianity,” and expressed concern that church pressure may lead to its being taught in some schools, Reuters reported.

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