Spanish Singer Prosecuted For Cooking A Crucifix In 1978

Here’s the offending video:

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And the story of the penalties to be paid for it:

Musician Javier Krahe faces a fine of £159,000 after stills from the spoof cookery show, which involved baking an effigy of Christ for three days, were shown on television in 2004 during an interview with the star.

Despite the length of time since both the film was made and the interview was aired, Mr Krahe faces prosecution for offending the feelings of a religious group, a little-known article included in the Spanish Penal Code.

In the video, he jokingly talks about how one gaunt Christ serves two people and instructs viewers to remove spikes before cooking, announcing that it is delicious after three days on a low heat.

The television company Canal+, which broadcast the video and interview, has also been hit with a fine of £119,000 euros after viewer complaints prompted an investigation.

That law is obscene and a violation of the right to freedom of conscience and freedom of expression.  Religious people’s feelings deserve no special protection under the law as long as they are not individually and personally being harassed or as a group being  intimidated with the prospect of violence.  Beyond that their ideas and symbols, etc., should be open to any free speech displays whatsoever.

Apparently this law is a hold-over from the days of Franco and enforced t, conservatively Catholic cater to the many older, conservatively Catholic Spaniards.

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