Supreme Court Upholds University Non-Discrimination Statement

Zack Ford explains:

Here’s a brief recap of the situation: The University of California has a nondiscrimination policy. If you want to be recognized as a student group (i.e. use the university’s name, access funding for student groups, reserve campus spaces, etc.), you must abide by the nondiscrimination policy. The Christian Legal Society at Hastings College of Law wanted to be recognized as a student group but still be allowed to discriminate based on sexual orientation (because they’re holier than us gays). The college said no, the group sued, and here we are today.

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of the university (read the decision in PDF here…) Writing for the majority, Justice Ginsberg argues that “ the Christian group’s First Amendment rights of association, free speech and free exercise were not violated by the college’s nondiscrimination policy.” After all, the group could still exist and meet on campus, just not enjoy the privileges of being a recognized group.

Ford goes on to summarize and highlight key paragraphs from the majority and dissenting opinions.

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