United Arab Emirates Court Sentences Teenage Gang Rape Victim To Prison

The weak, cruel, unjust, and barbarically stupid misogyny of laws in the Islamic world never ceases to sicken or anger me:

A court in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has convicted an 18 year old girl (”LH”) to one year in prison for “consensual sex.”  The UAE court convicted her because she agreed to be alone in the car with a man “YM.”

As previously reported, the teenage girl had previously alleged that she was gang raped by six men.  the UAE “The Nation” newspaper reported that LH had “12 bruises ranging from 1cm to 7 cm long on her upper lip, hands, thighs, knee, and behind her left ear.”  LH indicated that her brother had beaten her, although the beatings happened at different times.

However, after the teenage girl “LH” filed charges of rape, according to the “The Nation” on May 25, “LH” was then charged with the crime of “extramarital sex,” which could have led to a penalty of “lashes and a maximum sentence of life in prison,” with a minimum of three years in prison.  LH then pleaded with the court to allow her to withdraw the rape charges, while one of the accused rapists laughed at her in court. According to the LA Times, LH appeared before the court “shackled and clothed in an inmate’s uniform of hunter green and a black headscarf” and “she rescinded the allegations ‘to get out of’ jail, Bloomberg Businessweek reported.”

The UAE court had reportedly considered the lesser criminal charge of “deception” against “LH,” but chose to convict of “consensual sex,” with a sentence of  1 year in prison.

One of the alleged rapists was also convicted of “consensual sex” with a sentence of 1 year in prison.  Two of the men were given sentences of three months in prison “for being alone in the company of a woman.”  The other men were only given fines.

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