Workshop To Teach Public School Teachers How To Proselytize In School

Because no legal or moral principles matter more to some fundamentalists than their drive to evangelize:

“Every day, 55 million American children and their teachers show up for school. For the nearly 90% who attend a public school, the ACLU and other anti-Christian organizations have systematically stripped almost every vestige of Christianity from their schools. But there is still a powerful remnant of Christianity that even the ACLU cannot remove-the Christian teachers, coaches, students and parents themselves!”

So begins the brochure for the Salt & Light workshop to be held at First Baptist Church of Central Florida on Friday, July 16, from 8 a.m. until noon.

“Are you a bold witness for Jesus Christ” in the public school in which you teach other people’s children? Or are you too afraid to turn your students to Christ because of the separation of church and state?

The Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools (SBACS) and the Florida Baptist Convention have teamed up with the Liberty Council (a legal advocacy group that helps Christians get around the wall of separation), to host a morning workshop in which they will teach public school teachers, administrators, staff, parents, students, or anyone who wants to attend, how they can skirt not only the law, but the immorality of preaching to other people’s children.

Your Thoughts?

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  • Anna Johnstone

    Words fail me. The horror of this is a shocking reminder that apathy is the same as condoning this. Any Teacher who uses their position to proselytise should be reported and treated like any other petty criminal. The time has come to put a full and solid stop to this.

  • madman

    From co-sponsor SBACS’ website:

    If we keep doing what we’ve been doing, here is my portrait of America in A.D. 2025.
    1. Prostitution will be legal in most states. The legal sexual age will be 16. Abortion will be the dominant method of birth control among teens.
    2. Over 50% of Southern Baptist youth will leave the church when they graduate from middle school. Most of the rest will have stopped attending by the time they graduate from high school or shortly thereafter.
    3. The majority of Southern Baptist marriages will end in divorce. As a result, stable homes will be a rarity. Finding a pastor or deacon or Sunday School teacher who has not been divorced will be very difficult.
    4. Doctor assisted suicide will be legal in most states.
    5. Homosexual marriage will be legal. In fact, marriages of three, four or more persons will be vogue.
    6. Sexual content on prime time TV will be unchecked. There will be few if any restrictions to what can be shown. Children will be exposed to this programming without restraint.
    7. Christian symbols will be totally absent from all public schools, in fact, they will be considered “illegal”. Practicing Christianity on a college or public high school campus will result in outright persecution and discrimination.
    8. Being a Christian will be viewed as being anti-American.

    I’ve never equated Christian with anti-American, except when these shitbags want everyone to live according to their precepts. The rest of us need to get busy turning this asshole’s hyperbole into reality. We have a good start: the age of consent is *already* 16 in most states.

    • Daniel Fincke

      No, by no means should we make all their fears realities. The solution is persuasion, not persecution.

    • madman

      In the sense that perception is often reality, it’s beside the point how many of these ever come to pass. His fears are predicated on the perception (delusion) that his rights are violated and that he has a lot more work to do for Jesus if gays marry, if the protections afforded by church-state separation are upheld rather than blurred or demolished, and if a woman can have unfettered access to a pill that will prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to her uterus within a few days of having (omg, maybe extra-marital) sex.

      I agree persecution and discrimination are unacceptable but that’s why we have to fight his brand of it, regardless of if or how he thinks that in turn amounts to discrimination and/or persecution.

  • Amber

    I really don’t understand why there is such a gap in their thinking. Why is it ok to teach religion to students under the radar, but not ok for me to teach valid science like evolution? The lack of logic astounds me and really irritates me to no end…

  • Camels With Hammers

    Because all that matters in all the world, is Jesus, that’s why.

  • dartigen

    You know what’s funny?
    They think proselytizing will convert kids.
    It does the exact opposite. Almost all the people I know who went to religious schools are atheists, because they got religion jammed down their throats so much that they got sick of it. Then they started questioning its necessity. Then they started questioning religion itself. Within one or two years, most were at least agnostic, or at least agnostic-leaning-into-atheist. It was kind of like what happens if you eat the same food every day – sooner or later, you really hate it and can’t stand it.
    If anything, they’re helping us by putting kids off of religion.

    • Daniel Fincke

      from your lips to, er, no god’s ears!

  • Fantastic Forrest


    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I love what your commenters have said.

  • yogurt

    Replace SBACS with an agnostic, atheist, nontheist, humanist, or any other secular organization and you’d see rioting in the streets. For some reason it’s just fine for christian teachers to lure their students into christianity but be openly gay? I can hear the cocking of revolvers.