America – Fuck Yeah!

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  • Jimmy_D

    When I first started playing the MMO, Eve Online, when I began to socialize with the players it quickly became evident that I, an American, was a minority. The general populace of the game was Europeans and Middle-Easterners. My sense of American ego was quickly squashed and I was forced to see America through the eyes of those that weren’t America. This was during the Bush years so it’s not hard to imagine just how terrible the frustration and anger were towards our country. This video that you posted was one of those that was linked to often to describe just how stupid us Americans were.

    • Daniel Fincke

      @Jimmy_D: Yeah, the Bush years just ruined being an American among Europeans.

      @Char, thanks for coming by! Glad to see our views so close on this, I feel a similar mixture of emotions towards America, as perfectly captured by this satirical video.

  • Char

    We are always in everyone else’s business and it’s always about “us”. It is not the business of the US to police the world and this was not the vision of the framers of our country and of our Constitution. We are hated due to our political arrogance. We were to have relations with other countries, trade with them; not play deadly games of chess for our own political gains. So, yes, we are hated and the only way to turn this hatred around is to leave other countries alone. Let them fight their own battles. Let them set up their own governments; and when the people of those countries vote their leaders in, we are to stay out of it. We need to take care of the people of the US.

    The video I found kind of amusing. We have awesome technology and we should be proud to be Americans. I AM A PROUD AMERICAN ` FUCK YEA!

  • Mike AKA MonolithTMA

    This is one of those satire videos that some people in other countries might take seriously. Heck, I’m sure there are some right wingers sending that around to their friends and agreeing with it.

    That being said I must close with one word:


  • Daniel Fincke

    @Mike: Yeah I imagine either those with underdeveloped senses of irony or a real unfamiliarity with the American left’s love of satire, which is enough to match the right’s lack of subtlety, might get confused.

  • Linda Kloss

    Are these camels in alliance with “Cows with Guns?”