Do You Like Anti-Catholicism Mixed In With Your End Times Delusions?

If so, the new Jack Chick tract on the end times will really hit the spot!

(If you’ve ever just wondered what it would be like if Glenn Beck wrote a Jack Chick tract, this seems the closest approximation.)

H/T: Secular Outpost.

Your Thoughts?

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  • 1minion

    Chick tracks make me feel dirty, and not in that good way…

  • Mike aka MonolithTMA

    Yep, that’s something I was taught too, that The Pope would be the anti-Christ, etc.

    It’s stunning to me all the things some Christians take for granted like all this left behind crap. The story that tract presents is one that millions believe, yet no one who has zero knowledge of those beliefs could pick up a Bible and construct that story from a plain reading.

  • Daniel Fincke

    yeah, the book of Revelation is completely daft. I remember one of the crushing steps on the way to realizing Christianity was false was when I took a class on Systematic Theology and we studied eschatology. I read a Christian theological book which outlined and criticized all the various competing reconstructions of a literally read book of Revelation. They were all so hopelessly implausible even within the terms of the text (let alone their sheer fantastic impossibility).

    While I was still a good ten months away from the eventual deconversion and at the time not expecting to be dissuaded of Christianity, it was certainly a point where I started to say, “yeah, I can’t know anything about that subject”.

    • Mike aka MonolithTMA

      Not to mention it’s not just Revelation, it comes from all over the Bible, taking things out of context and trying to make them fit elsewhere. Just bizarre.