Iran Bans Mullets

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  • Matt Oxley

    Mullets should be banned everywhere, but as a man with a pony tail I find that part a bit offensive and over the top…

  • Joy Nichols

    If I were not concerned with human rights and free speech and free everything, I would have difficulty deciding whether or not it is worse to outlaw the mullet-cut than to have one.

  • Nicoline Smits

    The fools! They’re encouraging immoral contact between the sexes. It’s been established, by an authoritative website called, that men who were mullets are undateable. If Iranian men are no longer allowed to wear mullets, they therefore become dateable. If they date, they will be in contact with women. If men and women are in contact, only allah and the prophet know what might happen: talking, holding hands, kissing, all sorts of vile and immoral acts will ensue, all because Iranian men are now dateable!

  • Daniel Fincke

    holy crap, nicoline, you’re right!