Penn Jillette On Magic, Atheism, And Libertarianism

A really enjoyable video, especially for his remarks on magic, other magicians, and why magic on TV isn’t real magic.

And I really appreciated his stress on the importance of having “out” atheists to identify with. In his case he discusses being joyed, inspired, loved, and comforted by having famous atheists like Martin Mull, Randy Newman, and Frank Zappa to look up to.

It’s really important that we speak up and that we encourage each other to speak up for precisely this sort of reason. We atheists matter and we need support just like any one else and by the nature of Western religion. And by virtue of our atheism, we are excluded from one of humanity’s primary sources of institutional identity formation and support (religion), and we are actively maligned and mistrusted by the leaders of religious institutions, politicians, and, quite often, members of our own families.

Here’s a Randy Newman classic for Penn and all the other atheists out there who could use some support:

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