The Lighthearted Philosophers’ Society

I just got this call for submissions for an upcoming philosophy conference which sounds like a most amusing prospect:

Lighthearted Philosophers’ Society
4th Annual Conference

Date: October 15 – 16, 2010 (Fri & Sat)
Location: Tampa, Florida (Site: TBA)
(That’s right: a beach-adjacent conference in October!)
Submission Deadline: August 15, 2010

The Lighthearted Philosophers Society (LPS) is an organization for philosophers who approach their work with a sense of humor. We strive to create a venue for professional philosophy that is welcoming, enjoyable, and engaging. Please join us in our merry ruminations!

We are interested in both the philosophy of humor and humorous philosophy from any field. We welcome witty papers from any area of philosophy, and we’d especially enjoy papers on philosophical questions about humor.

Submission Requirements:
All materials should be prepared for blind review; contact information, affiliation, etc. should be included on a separate cover sheet.  Abstracts should be less than 350 words (and yes, we will count!).  Materials should be prepared with limited time in mind (3,000 words is preferable). Hecklers (commonly referred to as commentators) will accompany each accepted submission. If you enjoy heckling as much as being heckled, and would be interested in providing a commentary, please indicate this with your submission.

Please submit your papers electronically to the following email address:

Your Thoughts?

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