William Shatner As Stanley Milgram In The 1975 Film “The Tenth Level”

Stanley Milgram was the psychologist who performed the famous obedience experiments which involved getting normal people to go through with administering (what they thought were) extraordinarily painful shocks to other people out of deference to calm but firm orders from an authority figure.  Now Mind Hacks points our attention to The Tenth Level a fascinating bit of historical fiction and vintage 70s TV movie action starring the great William Shatner.

Outside of Shatner, the acting is a bit overwrought throughout, but the film moves at a surprisingly brisk pace. If you would like to watch the whole movie, start here with video one. Below I have provided the scenes interacting with test subjects themselves.

The first dramatization of experiments starts with Milgram talking subjects hypothetically through how they would respond to such commands as are involved in the experiment without actually putting them through it.   The second video below shows the first experiment to entail actual shocks.

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

And in this part, Milgram’s techniques are put under scrutiny and Shatner has some corny moments:

YouTube Preview Image

Your Thoughts?

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