A 90 Minute New Pornographers Video With Soundboard Audio?

Yes please!

Watch the full concert, filmed October 25, 2007 at Webster Hall, on Babel Music. (And buy their terrific new album Together if you haven’t yet!) The rest of the concert is much better than the song they’re offering as a representative clip (which is one of my least favorite in their otherwise illustrious catalog and which comes from their one relatively inferior album in their otherwise illustrious discography).

And thanks to Facebook for “invading my privacy” by providing an ad for something I told them I like in my profile list of musical interests.  More such “invasions” please!

(But, please no more of the kind where you change the settings of what is public and what is private without asking me or introduce new features which expose my information to the whole world as their default setting.  Oh yeah, and no more arcane and confusing methods required for actually controlling my information.)

But, ads based on my interests?  Super helpful on this and numerous previous occasions.  Keep it up!

Your Thoughts?

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