How To Tell People They Sound Racist

Wise advice:

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Thanks to Feminist Philosophers.

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  • Mike AKA MonolithTMA

    Pretty cool!

  • Daniel Blue

    Loved it. But if only it were that easy. To use the word “racist” even referring to acts (conversation one), brings up all the specters of conversation two, “The one you don’t want to have.”

  • pete

    as a recovering racist I cringe but
    hear where he is coming from.

  • Anna Johnstone

    Agree absolutely. People don’t listen if they feel like they are under a personal attack.

  • Hitch

    It’s good and the conclusion is right. I have minor quibbles with the middle part.

    Some people state their intentions. Those you can and must address for their self-identification, because their defense is different. It is “well I am X so I do X.”

    My preferred advise would be to address what is most pertiment and needs overt change, but don’t ever guess intentions. Only take what has been stated.

  • steve em

    I could not care less if someone considers me a racist or not.The word has no meaning it has been used ot death. This is one way street,only applies to Euros. Everyone else can call people crackers, rednecks hillbilly’s you name it, its all ok.
    I do not make ethnic jokes,or comments I avoid completely any conversations with certain ethnicity’s. Too many unprovoked verbal and physical assaults from childhood.