ZJ On “The Ground Zero Mosque”

5 of the best minutes of discussion on this topic anywhere on the internet:

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  • Agatha J.

    Absolutely agreed. “The Ground Zero mosque” a) isn’t even at Ground Zero and b) isn’t even a mosque.

    It’s more than two blocks away- there’s a *Burger King* that’s much closer to Ground Zero! And it’s the equivalent of a YMCA or YWCA.

    As to the idea that it could be funding terrorism or harboring terrorists (yes, I heard that one)- is this argument for real?

    Any terrorist smarter than a bowl of rice pudding would stay as far *away* from Ground Zero when in Manhattan as possible. Not unless he wanted to get caught would he be plotting attacks at the one place in Manhattan that you know has been constantly monitored by the cops for the past 10 years.