The Case For The Republican Party

It’s pretty compelling:

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  • Abram

    I don’t agree at all with the values of the Republican party either. But these kinds of counter marketing schemes that besmear the names of opponent parties are just exhausting. (Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert are the only two that successfully get away with it, because the comedy is sophisticated and sharp, and they are not partisan vloggers, they’re comedians, and besides that, they broadcast well-researched political parodies, not slander campaigns like this one, which are based on comedically over-simplified and demonized versions of opponent parties.)

    And people who say things like I am saying right now can easily be packaged and shipped as sensitive moderates or ‘conservatives’–but I don’t subscribe to either of those. I’m actually very left-leaning. The difference is, I’m also a person who has the perhaps stupidly optimistic belief that if we just have candid conversations with one another about what we think is actually true (and if politicians would find it in themselves to admit when they’re wrong every once in a while) then Theocrats might realize how stupid they are and saucy liberal wasps might realize how nasty they can be, we’d start to allow the richness of collaboration float towards the top of the political playground (and of course, we need to remove the “for sale” tag on the government).

    But as it is, fundamentalist Christians walk around on egg shells, in denial about their blatant prejudice, unless Sarah Palin is in the room (who’s politics for dummies version of political campaign I think is a disservice to the tea party) and angry, flippant liberals (like me) still go to church and sit in pews with spiritual duct tape across their mouths–refusing to make objections or ask questions.

    The scientific reductionists ought to admit that human flourishing and fulfillment is not as simple as neurons firing on a circuit board, and the paranoid Christians MUST realize that their three thousand year old Jewish law no longer retains the same relevance it once did.

    In other words, I’m pro-gay marriage (I’d like to have a husband one day), non-religious, and believe in government ‘stewardship’ even if it reminds us of socialism (so what if it does?)–But I’m desperate for someone who has a legitimate argument for libertarianism–with demonstrable evidence–and people with brains who disagree with gay marriage to really give a good reason! And maybe we could get over this verbal grenade slinging and start turning this adolescent country into a young adult country. A country that doesn’t use the term “agree to disagree” as a way to deny a collaborative truth to release us from childish prejudice. (I hate that term. Agree to disagree means to me: I win because I can end the conversation. Or it means: there is no real truth, only opinion, so I can’t lose, which is flaccid, hopeless relativism.)

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