Anderson Cooper Gets Resignation From Anti-Gay Ranter

The Christian writer of truly disgusting attacks on bullied gays, AIDS-afflicted gays, and pretty much all gays was powerfully confronted by Anderson Cooper last night:

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  • Cara

    The whole thing is just sad. He seems like a decent guy and he readily admits his ignorance. He did the right thing by resigning and I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he is trying to understand and to be a better person. I hope it’s not just an act.

    • Daniel Fincke

      Yes, he does seem really contrite. I know I’ve said things in my day that I wouldn’t want to haunt me, so on a human level I feel for him. But sadly I know that he hasn’t questioned at all (at least not yet) the vile text recommending death for homosexuals which influenced his views of gays in the first place. He unthinkingly channeled that hatred and death wish into his own words, saw them externalized and now blames the words but not the ultimate source of them yet. And it’s unfortunate since he’s still in a place where he can’t say for sure he wouldn’t disown his own kids if they ever came out of the closet.

      So, sympathetic as I am to an obviously distraught and repentant person, I still have to sigh that he still has not truly learned the most important lessons.

      Yet, anyway.

  • Weemaryanne

    But you have to admit that it makes for a satisfying irony, no? — Headline: Good Xian Man gets SAVED! from his own hypocrisy, not by his imaginary skydaddy but by . . . teh gheys. Or was it Teh Ghey Agenda? Well, whoever sent those thousands of emails to the superintendent.

  • Keeley Braulio

    American citizens ought to be cheering him on. He’s shining a very bright light on all the awful, and disgraceful things our government has done and continues to do, all around the World!! Things, that may end up biting us regular folk in the ass, while others hide safely in their undisclosed locations, sitting atop piles of cash!! We scream and shout about how awesome we are….looks like our shine, is looking a little dull, right now! We behave like a kid who got his hand caught in the cookie jar, with that “what…what did i do?” look on our face. We all shout about wanting the truth, about what our “leaders,” are up to in our name….but when it’s laid out in front of us, we refuse read, see or believe it. Yes, there’s a country that’s a laughing stock around the World, and it’s not Sweden!!