Atheist Murdered Over Argument About Religion

Mojoey relays the disturbing story:

16-year-old James Doyle was shot in the chest by 14-year-old Daniel Nadler on June 27, 2010. Doyle was an Atheist, Nadler a Christian. They were arguing about religion at the time of the murder. Apparently, Christian + hormonal teen + argument about religion + shotgun = murder, but does not equal a hate crime. The case has been under reported in the press. Plus, it was not an accident.

“The kids were up all night messing around with the gun and then there were some angry words and the victim was shot,” said Indianola Police Chief Steve Bonnett.

The killing was motivated, Bonnett said, but he declined to release specific details: “This wasn’t a case of kids playing with a gun and it accidentally went off.”

Nadler’s motivation should be examined. If he killed Doyle because he was an Atheist, this crime becomes a hate crime and should be handed differently. They way it is going Doyle will walk out of jail when he turns 18. How is that justice?

Mojoey goes on:

A boy was murdered because he was an Atheist. The Christian who murdered him will escape justice. The case is under reported in the press. Please help by contacting the people prosecuting the case:

Judge Richard B. Clogg
Prosecuting attorney: Brian Tingle
You can also help by spreading the word.

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