David Hyde Pierce On His Marriage And Prop 8

This is a little old and comes from before the landmark Prop 8 ruling of this summer, but it is still poignant:

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Your Thoughts?

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  • chuckarama

    They want government, a public institution, to recognize their marriages. If you need/want government to give you that, then don’t be surprised when it’s subjected to all the lunacy that _IS_ government.

    I think the whole gay marriage issue drives things in the wrong direction to begin with. A consenting adult has a right to be with whatever other consenting adult wants to be with them, with or without government sanction. The government only need be involved if there is a separation of some kind that results in a dispute over shared properties. To that end there may need to be some kind of notarized contract between two parties when they decide to be together, but that’s it. I’m think we should back the government out of heterosexual marriages even, and all other consenting adult relationships, period. Industry, such as insurance, will adjust – and already have. Things like insurance are always what I hear as the counter argument. The premise of that thinking is, well, we’ve already baked these things into the law, so we can’t really back up and fix it, we have to go forward and allow gov’t intrusion into homosexual relationships too. Really?