Happy Birthday To The Daily Dish

Andrew Sullivan is celebrating his first ten years of blogging, which included helping to innovate the form way back in the year 2000.  I’ve only been reading Andrew since Thanksgiving 2007 when his Atlantic article endorsing Obama blew my mind and sold me on Obama.

By the fall of 2008, I was a Dish addict and remain one today.  Teaching at three schools all over the Tri-State, each with at least a 2 hour commute, I have a whole lot of time on trains and buses and walking and not all of it is terribly good for heavy reading or writing and so I rely on two things to keep my mind stimulated and the long rides zipping by quickly—my I-pod loaded up with nearly 18,000 songs and my Blackberry constantly refreshing to see Andrew’s latest find or latest insight.

And not only does Andrew keep me company all day as I travel, but his essay “Why I Blog” was on of the indispensable influences to persuade me to blog.  It was from that essay and from his example that I realized that this was a medium that fit my personality like a glove and provide a written format in which to do what I do best, which is speculate freely and develop my ideas through a direct engagement with other people’s thoughts and their responses to me.  It was a medium to publish the ideas which are not fully formed but which deserve an airing and a medium in which to boldly risk being wronger more publicly than anywhere else so that you could be corrected and evolve your ideas faster and more successfully than anywhere else.

While I don’t have nearly the time, range of issues upon which I can speak intelligently, nor the manpower to run a blog that comes anywhere near approximating what Andrew and his underbloggers manage with the Dish, that blog is everything this blog wants to be.  Andrew has very simply perfected the form and is my role model as a blogger.

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