Won’t Anybody Think Of The Bigots?

From Jesus and Mo, of course.

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  • http://gaytheistagenda.lavenderliberal.com/ Buffy

    And, of course, it’s always about how the bigots are affected.

  • Jonathan Williams

    Not to be nit picky because I did get a nice chuckle from the cartoon, but Jesus never once speaks on homosexuality in the Bible.
    That’s why it is so incredibly ridiculous that Christians make this “their cause”.
    This may not have been the proper forum for this discussion as this is a cartoon but I guess I’m giving my two cents anyway.

    • Daniel Fincke

      No need to be apologetic, it’s a fair point that needs to be stressed to Christians.

      Nonetheless Christians believe in a God who at least ONCE thought it being gay was worth the death penalty. It’s hard to square that one, in my mind.

  • Jonathan Williams

    Agreed. Most Christians who believe in the inerrancy of God’s word would say that God cast judgement upon those who practice homosexuality.
    Then there are other Christians who look at the Bible in a post critical way. They see that God’s pronouncements were written by an oppressed Israel who were looking to exert their power in a time when they had very little. I fall into this category.
    Regardless, This is a good cartoon. Whoever we are, we need to keep educating the “less informed” about the universal virtues of love and tolerance.