A Compendium Of Important Links About Tucson And About Political Rhetoric

There is a wealth of stuff out there worth boning up on.

This story explains that Giffords is not the only of Palin’s crosshaired candidates to receive vandalism or death threats.

Here is a timeline of two and a half years of disturbing, political, gun related statements and behavior coming from the right wing.

Bryce Tierney, a friend of Jared Lee Loughner, explains Loughner’s “Joker”-like, nihilistic desire to “watch the world burn”. This article potentially sheds a lot of light on his philosophical arrogance that made him think he was beyond the rules.

Jeff Kaye explains the similarities between Loughner’s views, as gleaned online in the first hours after the shooting, and familiar, characteristically schizophrenic views of the world.

Vaughan Bell makes the case that mental illness alone is not explanatory of violent behavior and that, in fact, schizophrenics are more likely to be victims of violence than its perpetrators. Even if Loughner is mentally sick, that alone explain his violence.

Fair.Org compiles disgusting and dangerous right wing rhetoric and Michelle Malkin compiles disgusting left wing rhetoric. You decide what that evidence says about the relative culpability of the right and of the left in degrading our discourse to its current hateful lows.

Steve Budiansky finds the right wing inconsistent for believing that numerous parts of the culture negatively impact people, except when it comes to violent shootings.

James Fallows, very shortly after the shootings shrewdly reminded us all that political shootings in America often are carried out by assassins with idiosyncratic viewpoints and motives which do not neatly tie to or embody the victims’ organized, recognizable political enemies.

Sarah Jones made the best and most summary case against Sarah Palin’s rhetoric I have come across since the tragedy.

Conor Friedersdorf accuses the right wing of unsustainably insisting we not take what they say seriously.

Sarah Palin replied to accusations via Glenn Beck.

Andrew Sullivan rounds up and responds a little bit to the reaction from the right wing punditocracy. His blog is indispensable and the source of most of my links.

He also provides a graphic which gives the strong impression that Palin’s hopes of a presidential run are now perceived to be over.

Tuscon Hero, Patricia Maisch attacks the right wing in an interview with Shep Smith of FOX News.

Roger Ailes of FOX News calls for tone down too.

Way back last spring, Bill Clinton had some excellent sound bites about the consequences of unchecked rhetoric. And Elisabeth Hasselbeck had the good sense back then to denounce Sarah Palin’s target map.

Here’s a Congressman who made a joke about hunting liberals.

And of course there has been Sheriff Dupnik, Bill Badger, Patricia Maisch, Daniel HernandezJoe ZambudioGabrielle Giffords’s complaints about Palin’s crosshair chart from last spring, the YouTube Videos Of Jared Lee Loughner, and the infamous chart and an ad by Giffords’s opponent at which you could fire an M-16 with him as part of a campaign event against Giffords.

My own extensive discussion of the blameworthiness and moral luck issues related to Sarah Palin is here.

Finally Keith Olbermann’s remarks on Saturday night were excellent:

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