A Video Of Me Rambling About Nietzsche

This is from 2007 and I just found that it pops right up when one Googles me. It’s hard for me to watch because it involves watching me. But I figured it might be of interest to others. Forgive the extemporaneousness of it all and enjoy some of the more hilarious hand gestures. (My favorite is my demonstration of “stagnating”.) For the most part I still agree with the interpretation of Nietzsche herein, though I would probably shift some emphases and fill some things out better. Overall though it’s probably a decent enough introduction to Nietzsche, especially for those who do not know much about him.

So, in short, in case you have never actually seen or heard me talk and wondered what Camels With Hammers would look and sound like if it were audiovisual (or what my classroom lectures are like), here you go!

Hopefully more videos will be forthcoming soon as I figure out how to go about making them well.

Many thanks to Jon Demaree for doing a bang up job filming this one. It’s part of a series of videos he has made talking to people about their views on philosophy and religion. You can see them all here.

But let me also call special attention, while we are at it, to this video from the series with my closest college friend who became a Nietzschean before I did, but a nihilist sort, and in the process sent me down the path of wrestling with Nietzsche until I lost and had to leave the faith. John eventually returned to Christianity and moved from his Calvinism to Anglicanism to Roman Catholicism to a monastery. He’s a great, deep guy, a dear friend, and in many ways my closest intellectual brother with whom I feel like I grew up as a thinker, regardless of how far afield we ended up philosophically:

Your Thoughts?

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